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World Class Talent

Home to many of the world's brightest innovators and thought leaders.

Toronto's well educated and culturally diverse workforce sustains its growing economy. As the city prospers and attracts new talent in all sectors, there is an abundance of skilled workers to help businesses meet their labour needs, no matter how specialized.

Toronto has some of most highly educated workers in the world, often having received advanced training at one of the city’s eight colleges and universities. These institutions are known internationally for their academic excellence, so much so that increased demand has required most of these institutions to undergo major expansions, which continue to fuel the city’s growth.

The region benefits from Toronto's academic advantage. The many employment opportunities available in the city encourage students of all ages to learn the skills they need to succeed in today's knowledge-based economy, and local business benefits from access to well-trained graduates and professionals with advanced skills to complete their workforce.

The talent pool in Toronto is deep, diversified and well educated. It is a commercially savvy and highly dynamic labour force of which over 50% is born outside the country…

Population by single year of age and sex, Canada, 2011
Population by single year of age and sex, Toronto, 2011
Total enrolment at the 8 publicly funded post-secondary in Toronto.
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Business Facts

  • 3.2 million people in workforce
  • According to the Toronto Board of Trade, Toronto is ranked 2nd overall for labour attractiveness against 24 peer global cities (Scorecard on Prosperity 2012, Toronto Board of Trade).
  • Over 200,000 students enrolled in universities and colleges
  • Over 51% of the population has post-secondary diploma or degree