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Average Wage Earnings for High-Level Occupation Groupings
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Occupation Average Wage/ Hour Average Usual Hours Annualized Earnings
Management Occupations $36.42 41.7 $78,973.13
Natural and Applied Sciences and Related Occupations $31.13 38.4 $62,160.38
Occupations in Social Science, Education, Government Service and Religion $29.19 35.2 $53,429.38
Health Occupations $27.95 35.2 $51,159.68
Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations $21.10 40.1 $43,997.72
Business, Finance and Administrative Occupations $22.26 36.3 $42,017.98
Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport $23.28 33.6 $40,674.82
Sales and Service Occupations $15.21 32 $25,309.44
Source: City of Toronto Occupation Profile
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