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Walking and Cycling

Toronto is a pedestrian-friendly city.

A large part of the city's walking appeal is its network of safe, clean and friendly neighbourhoods.

Throughout the city, Toronto offers many destinations that can be easily reached on foot. With increased urban density, many people are choosing to walk to work or use a mix of public transit and walking to complete their daily commute.

Toronto's underground PATH system is a weatherproof pedestrian option linking destinations within the downtown core. The PATH's 30 kms (19 miles) of subterranean walkways link office towers, shops, services, and entertainment venues. According to Guinness World Records, the PATH is the world's largest underground shopping complex with 371,600 m2 (4 million ft2) of retail space.

To encourage walking, Toronto City Council recently adopted the Toronto Walking Strategy to help build a physical and cultural environment that supports walking.

Canada's Most Walkable Cities 2014:

  1.   Vancouver
  2.   Toronto
  3.   Montreal
  4.   Mississauga
  5.   Ottawa
  6.   Winnipeg
  7.   Edmonton
  8.   Hamilton
  9.   Brampton
  10. Calgary


Cycling has increased in popularity as Torontonians become more supportive of environmental sustainability. Fortunately, cycling within the city is a safe and efficient transportation option with 115 (and growing) existing bike lanes to choose from and a network of dedicated bike and walking paths.

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