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Education and School System

A leader in academia at all levels of learning; Toronto is a progressive, education-focused city where high literacy, attendance and graduation rates prevail. Toronto's schools provide students with a variety of options to suit diverse skill sets, needs and interests. Parents can choose from one of the City's well-established public school boards or from a variety of private institutions. Toronto's public educational institutions are open to students of all nationalities and religions.

In September 2010, the Province of Ontario began offering full-day kindergarten at nearly 600 schools across the province.  Ontario is among the first jurisdictions in North America to offer full-day early learning.

For more on Primary and Secondary Education in Toronto see:

Toronto District School Board

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is the largest school board in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. Made up of 595 schools and 257,000 students, the TDSB serves a remarkably diverse community of students. Nearly one-quarter of its students were born outside of Canada in one of more than 175 countries. The TDSB prepares students for success with over 80% of graduates continuing on to post-secondary studies.

Toronto District School Board Facts and Figures for 2009 - 2010:

  • 595 schools on 562 sites
  • 257,000 students
    • 171,000 attending junior kindergarten to grade 8
    • 86,000 attending secondary school
    • student body speaks 75 different languages (not including regional dialects)
    • about 24% of these students were born outside of country, in one of more than 175 countries
    • English is spoken at home by 53% of students
  • Over 80% of graduates apply for university or college admission
  • Approximately 75% of all students entering Grade 9 will graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) within eight years

Toronto Catholic District School Board

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) provides publicly funded Catholic education to more than 93,000 students. The TCDSB consists of 201 Catholic schools supported by over 2,800 support and academic staff.

Toronto Catholic District School Board Facts and Figures

  • 201 schools
    • 168 elementary schools
    • 31 secondary schools
    • 2 combined (elementary and secondary)
  • 93,054 students
    • 62,143 attending elementary school
    • 30,911 attending secondary school

Toronto Private Schools

For those choosing to send their children to a private school, Toronto offers over 140 options which are also governed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. For more information on private schools in Toronto see Toronto Private Schools