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Living in Toronto

In its Global Liveability Report (2014), the Economist Intelligence Unit recognized Toronto as being one of the five most liveable cities in the world. It is this quality of life that attracts a highly mobile, global workforce in search of economic opportunity and a good standard of living. People choosing to make Toronto their home enjoy a safe, clean and green city that provides superior educational opportunities and a first-class, publicly funded health care system.

Toronto is an example of a global city that embraces multiculturalism and diversity. With nearly 51% of the population foreign born, the City is a vibrant mosaic of cultures and ethnicities.

No matter which area of the City Torontonians call home -the suburbs, the downtown core or one of the many colourful neighborhoods in between - their safety is assured. Toronto has the lowest crime rate in Canada of any city with a population of at least 500,000 people (Police Reported Crime Statistics, Statistics Canada, 2010).  That's because Toronto is well known as one of the safest metropolitan centres in North American.

In addition to being a very safe city, Toronto is a very clean city that values its tidy streets and numerous public spaces. Known as the City within a Park, Torontonians are never far from nature and are able to easily enjoy the numerous leisure opportunities such proximity offers. All of these qualities combine to create an enviable global city.


Toronto is a city of unmatched diversity and tolerance. Diversity of race, religion and lifestyle help define and set Toronto apart from other global cities.
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Toronto enjoys a strong, growing and diverse real estate market that remained stable throughout the global economic recession.
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A leader in academia at all levels of learning, Toronto is a progressive, education-focused city where high literacy, attendance and graduation rates prevail.
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Health Care

Toronto has long been focused on providing the finest health care to its citizens ranging from preventative programs to world class hospitals and medical centres.
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Toronto has something for all interests and ages, including hundreds of parks, indoor and outdoor pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, sports fields and community centres.
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Toronto is a city that cares about sustainability and is committed to becoming an energy efficient city of tomorrow.
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Map of Toronto's 140 neighbourhoods
The percentage of immigrants in the Toronto region benchmarked against large US metropolitan areas.
The percentage of visible minorities in the Toronto region benchmarked against large US metropolitan areas.
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