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As the nation's cultural heartland, Toronto hosts a wide variety of arts and sporting events in modern facilities to international audiences. It is a premier event city hosting the 2010 G-20 Summit, the 2011 International Indian Film Academy (IIFA), the 2014 World Pride celebrations, and the 2015 Pan/Para-Pan American Games.

Whether it's a lively neighbourhood festival, a high profile cultural experience, or an unforgettable sporting event, indoor or outdoor, summer or winter, Toronto has something for every taste and budget.

For lovers of the arts, Toronto is home to over 100 art galleries and museums, dozens of ballet and dance companies, two symphony orchestras, and the largest producer of opera in Canada – the 6th largest in North America.

For those who prefer theatre, Toronto has been recognized as the 3rd largest theatre centre in the English-speaking world.

For sports fans, the city is home to seven professional sports teams and numerous international sporting events.

For those who just love to party in the street, at any time of year there is a variety of festivals happening somewhere in Toronto.

And for those who simply want to enjoy a quiet dinner in a pleasant, cozy neighbourhood, Toronto's culinary mix is unbeatable.

Toronto is rich in culture, and celebrates its creative and artistic communities. To be out-on-the-town in Toronto is to see the best the world has to offer...