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Eclipsall Energy

Eclipsall Energy Corporation was founded in 2009 with the objective of being the premier manufacturer of PV solar panels in North America.

Early on, our management team knew that the location of the manufacturing facility would be a key decision. Many hours were spent evaluating, visiting and considering sites in Ontario and other parts of Canada. Our ultimate decision was a location in Scarborough, in metropolitan Toronto.

The decision to locate in Toronto was facilitated in large part by Invest Toronto whose involvement with Eclipsall since the beginning and ongoing efforts on our behalf since then were instrumental to the site location process.

“Invest Toronto brings a strong focus and deep knowledge to economic development and while our team certainly had fairly detailed knowledge of the Toronto area, the staff at Invest Toronto were there to help us with a myriad of details which were all necessary to the location decision”, said Eclipsall CEO Les Lyster.

Eclipsall’s 120,000 square feet of industrial and commercial space was extensively modified to meet our requirements and the facility was officially opened in June of this year. When completed, the facility will also serve as Eclipsall’s headquarters. Eclipsall is manufacturing monocrystalline PV modules in 60 and 72 cell configurations.

During its grand opening ceremony, Eclipsall also announced that they are entering a long-term partnership with an international solar development company to manufacture approximately 400 MW of PV modules for solar projects across North America over the next five years. This new piece of business is expected to create an additional 200 jobs for the local Toronto economy in addition to the 100 jobs created in the first phase of the company’s operations.