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International Commerce

An active trading nation and the largest trading partner of the United States, Canada is an important part of international commerce.  In 2009, Ontario exported $148 billion in goods and services worldwide, almost half of which was exported by more than 76,000 Toronto-based businesses.

As a member of APEC, (Asia Pacific Economic-Cooperation), Canada has exceptional access to Asia Pacific markets and is well positioned to capitalize on the long-term growth potential of local economies. To increase international commerce, Canada has invested over $1 billion in the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative to support stronger infrastructure links among Canada, NAFTA and Asia Pacific markets. NAFTA alone provides Canadian businesses with open access to 461 million consumers and a combined GDP of US $17.9 trillion in 2011 (Canada's International Market Access Report, 2012).

Confidence in the Canadian economy make it an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). In 2011, the total value of Canada's FDI (Stock)1 was $607 billion. Ontario is first in North America in converting foreign direct investment into jobs, and ranks in the top 3 North American states/provinces for both destination and source of foreign direct investment in 2011 (Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, 2011 and fDi Markets, 2012).

1 Foreign Direct Investment (Stock) is defined as the value of the share of capital and reserves (including retained profits) attributable to the parent enterprise, plus the net indebtedness of affiliates to the parent enterprise.

FDI in Canada by industry receiving foreign capital.
Direct investment in Canada's economy by foreign countries.
Top ranking destinations for foreign direct investment in North America by the estimated number of projects created.
Total value of goods and services exported from Ontario between 2006 and 2010.
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