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International Commerce

Canada and the United States form the world’s largest trading partnership with CAD $782 billion in goods and services exchanged in 2013, trading at a rate of $1.5 million per minute. (Canada-U.S. Relations, Government of Canada 2014)

European and Asian markets also offer tremendous trade opportunities, and Toronto’s 76,000 locally-based businesses export $70 billion annually in goods and services worldwide.

Canada's Tax and Duty Advantages: Enjoy the Benefits of Foreign Trade Zones…Anywhere in Canada!
The report from the Government of Canada highlights recent changes and major trade benefits, that companies experience as a result of operating in Canada.
Year: 2009
Categories: Business Toronto, Information and Communications Technology
Financial Solutions for Buyers of Canadian Products
Export Development Canada provides direct buyer loans, lines of credit, loan syndication and leasing to Canadian companies exporting products globally
Year: 2010
Categories: Access to Capital, Trade
Global Enabling Trade Report
Measures and analyzes institutions, policies and services enabling trade in national economies.
Year: 2010-2011
Categories: Global Hub, International Commerce
Invest In Canada's Flagship Report: 2012
The Flagship Report provides Canada’s value proposition to foreign investors. It offers a comprehensive presentation of Canada’s conducive business environment and presents the wealth of business opportunities in 7 leading-edge sectors.
Year: 2012
Categories: Business Environment, Invest Toronto
Trade, Innovation, and Prosperity
The working paper from the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity examines the importance of expanded international trade to Ontario's prosperity.
Year: 2010
Categories: Global Hub, International Commerce
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