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Toronto is ideally situated and well connected as a global hub of commerce. Geographically, Toronto shares a time zone with and borders, the world's largest concentration of economic activity - the northeastern United States. Located within 90 minutes of New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington, Toronto's proximity to these markets makes the region an ideal place to headquarter North American operations.

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Toronto also benefits from Ontario's impressive network of road, rail, sea, and air links that help to move the province's exports, half of which are generated in the City. Along with a high level of physical traffic, the City also experiences a high level of telecommunications traffic that helps to keep global business connected.

Further, the City benefits from Canada's strong trade relationships and agreements, including the historic North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which created the largest free trade zone in the world. Canada is strategically located to play a key role in global supply chains due to its trade agreements, time-zone and proximity to major Asian, European, and American markets.

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International Commerce

International Commerce

Canada is an active trading nation and the largest trading partner of the United States. However, European and Asian markets also offer tremendous trade opportunities. In 2009, Ontario exported $148 billion in goods and services worldwide, almost half of which was exported by more than 76,000 Toronto-based businesses.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Ontario enjoys a sophisticated, integrated transportation infrastructure that includes well maintained highways, efficient commuter and urban public transit, a vast system of internationally connected railways, worldwide cargo aviation systems and is among the world's most extensive in-land and international marine shipping facilities. It is this integrated infrastructure that helps connect Toronto businesses to the world.

FDI in Canada by industry receiving foreign capital.
Map of the existing expressways across the Province of Ontario connecting Toronto to North America.
Direct investment in Canada's economy by foreign countries.
Top ranking destinations for foreign direct investment in North America by the estimated number of projects created.
The map shows visually Toronto's location to major markets in Canada and the United States.
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Business Facts

  • North America is the largest free trade zone in the world
  • Toronto businesses export over $70 billion annually
  • Canada and the US trade at a rate of $1.2 million per minute
  • Toronto was one of the top 5 cities in North America for new FDI in 2008