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Professional and Government Services

Businesses operating in the Toronto region are assisted by a variety of business services provided by professional service firms, not-for-profit agencies and the government. These services play an important role in supporting business development in the region. For site selectors, the Province of Ontario has sector specific office space information contained on the Invest in Ontario website. Please contact us for further information. To review the Invest in Ontario website, please click here.

For information on export opportunities in the City of Toronto, please see the Operate and Grow Your Business section of the City of Toronto website.

MERX is Canada's leading electronic-tendering service, and provides a sourcing of Canadian public tenders, private tenders, U.S. tenders and private-sector construction news available in Canada. MERX has leveled the playing field so that businesses of any size can have easy and affordable access to billions of dollars in contracting opportunities with the Government of Canada (GC), participating provincial and municipal governments, the U.S. Government, state and local governments, and the private sector. To view current available opportunities, please see:

Political Instability Index
Measures the level of threat social protest poses to governments, due to economic distress and underlying vulnerability.
Year: 2009-2010
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