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Current economic conditions in Canada for manufacturers and exporters
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Statistic Figure Period Details
Last update: October 19, 2010
Canadian Economy
Canadian dollar value US$0.9853 Current Latest closing rate
Prime rate 2.75% Current As of Sept. 1st, 2010
116.8 Jul-10 0.5% from previous month
1.8% from a year ago
Real GDP
($ billions, chained 2002 prices)
1,234.10 Jun-10 0.2% from previous month
3.9% from a year ago
Monthly Manufacturing Sales
($ billions, s.a.)
44.8 Jun-10 0.1% from previous month;
12.7% from a year ago
Monthly merchandise exports
($ billions)
33.5 Jun-10 2.5% from previous month
14.1% from a year ago
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