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Appendix: Clean-tech and Green Energy Sector

Toronto: The Centre for Solar Research and Training in Canada

With more researchers in the Canadian Solar Building Research Network than in any other region in Canada, Toronto's 4 universities and 4 colleges provide a strong local network of professors and graduate students working in solar energy, in addition to 16 universities and colleges situated within 100 km of Toronto's downtown core. Toronto is also the centre of many strategic research and training organizations in solar technology.

National Solar Test Facility


Located just west of Toronto, the National Solar Test Facility is the only accredited solar testing lab in Canada. This facility provides testing to support solar thermal certification by Canada Standard Association (CSA), Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) as well as PV testing to support certification by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

The Sustainable City Campus

Situated at the Kortright Conservation Area just north of Toronto, this Conservation Authority initiative has the largest ground based test bed for PV modules in Canada. The City of Toronto financially supports this initiative - providing Toronto based solar manufacturers (modules, racks, inverters) a laboratory to evaluate the real world performance of their products. With over 100,000 visitors a year, it also provides an excellent venue for demonstrating products to potential clients.

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Energy


Situated in downtown Toronto, the Centre invests in and promotes cutting-edge research collaborations between industry and colleges and universities. The Centre works with industry to solve problems by engaging the brightest minds at Ontario's universities and colleges in the challenges faced by businesses. The City of Toronto is co-investing in the research and development of competitive and industry relevant technologies.

Toronto's Universities and Colleges with Solar Programs

Toronto's universities and colleges are nation-wide leaders in training the solar workforce and providing needed R&D support for Toronto's rapidly growing solar industry. Below are some highlights:

  • University of Toronto: Centre for Emerging Energy Technologies; Centre for Applied Power Electronics; Energy Systems Group; Photonics Group
  • Ryerson University: the Ryerson Centre for Urban Energy; Thermofluid Research Lab
  • York University: Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability
  • George Brown College: degree in Electronics Technology
  • Seneca College: Centre for the Built Environment; certificates in renewable energy technologies
  • Centennial College: degrees in Energy Systems Technicians and Energy Systems Engineering
  • Humber College: degree in Sustainable Energy Technology