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  • The population of the City of Toronto is 2.8 million people, with 6 million living in the region.
  • Toronto is the 4th largest City in North America.
  • The regional population of Toronto is projected to grow to 7.45 million by 2031.
  • The population of the City of Toronto is expected to reach 3 million people by 2031.
  • Toronto's multicultural diversity is expressed by more than 200 distinct ethnicities.
  • Businesses located in the Toronto region have access to a multilingual workforce with French as the 3rd language most often spoken at work after English and Chinese.
  • Statistics Canada projects that, by 2031, approximately 28% of the population of the country will be foreign-born. The number of people belonging to visible minority groups will double, and compose a majority of Toronto’s population.
  • The Toronto region has the largest foreign ethnicity population in the country (over 50%); 20.2% of Canada’s entire ethnic population lives in the City of Toronto.
  • The top foreign ethnicity populations in Toronto:
    • South Asian – 317,100 (or 12.3%)
    • Chinese – 278,390 (10.8%)
    • Filipino – 132,445 (5.1%)
    • Latin American – 71,205 (2.8%)
Source: StatsCan, 2013
Projected population growth of the City of Toronto, Toronto region, Ontario and Canada.
Specific languages spoken in Toronto workplaces by total number.
Population of the City of Toronto, the Toronto region, Ontario and Canada.